what we offer


Agricultural Conservation Easements provide financial incentives for farmers, in the form of income tax deductions to continue their farmland with an up to 100% income tax deduction for 15 years.


Our board has a deep understanding of working lands. We have decades of agricultural experience between our board, and understand the problems facing farmers 


There’s peace of mind when partnering with a land trust. Preserving farmland for future generations of your family, and ensuring your livelihood lives on.

What is a conservation easement?

An agricultural conservation easement (ACE) is a negotiable contract that helps the landowner and trust properly meet the objectives that the landowner has in mind. Easements keep the landowner in complete control and ownership of his or her land while outlying the conservation goals that the landowner has in mind.

Contrary to popular belief, a conservation easement on working lands can be used to compliment private economic activity. For example, we’ve assisted in providing one of our trustees with the connections to local foresters to properly timber his land and maximize his profits on his forest. This and countless other benefits are received via easements.

What is a land trust?

A land trust is a charitable organization that stewards land through direct purchase or conservation easements. The GRCLT works only through conservation easements to protect the rural character, agricultural production, and natural integrity of Southern Indiana.

Trustees who partner with land trusts are able to access the benefits of the trust. These include help with proper conservation of land, help with paperwork involved, and access to funds to aid with various fees associated with conservation.